Health and wellness

Health and wellbeing at work have gained growing attention over recent years. Legislation (Bills of 1996, 2014, etc.) now requires companies to establish an appropriate strategy to meet this objective.

The ideal approach cannot be restricted to an individual's own management of their health and wellbeing, but this aspect does remain essentiel. This is because each individual remains responsible for their actions and choices and therefore the changes they can accomplish.



This is why we have developed WELL-B PREMIUM, the ideal tool with which companies can show interest in the health of all their employees and at the same time enables each individual to look after themself.

WELL-B Premium is

  • a web based platform optimised for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphone
  • trilingual: English, Dutch and French
  • geared towards health, physical exercise, wellbeing and sport.
  • Users have access to practical, targeted, content and customised information via their personalised profile.


WELL-B Premium offers a "turnkey" solution for companies adapted to their size and the financial investment they want to make.

CHANGING WITH THE TIMES (Evolutive tool ?)

By constantly adding new content and new features, WELL-B Premium provides an endless supply of information, as well as encouraging good habits and motivating the user. 


WELL-B Premium has 2 main kinds of content:



A WORKOUT is presented as a number of exercises to perform. It is available in different configurations:

  • A brief descriptive text.
  • Precise illustrations with comments.
  • A printable document. 
  • A video showing the actions from different angles.


MAG articles give more detailed information. The factsheets are clear and concise (approximately 400 words) and either enhance the theory of the practical content of WORKOUTS, or provide information on subjects related to health, physical exercise, wellbeing and sport.

Content tailored to the need of every user

After users connect to their profile for the first time, and answer a few straightforward questions, their user preferences are established. This enables the application to suggest content specifically targeted to the user’s needs and wishes.

These preferences can be changed or finetuned at any time.

Tabs provide quick and very practical access to a specific selection:

  • Suggested sessions/Suggested articles
  • Performed sessions/Recently read articles 
  • Favourite sessions/Favourite articles
  • All sessions/All articles 
  • Surprise me


The DASHBOARD is the personalised summary of the WELL-B Premium user activity.

It enables users to view and keep a record of what they have done in order to improve their health and wellbeing.

Each performed WORKOUT can be tracked (including outdoor sessions),

Date, duration, quality, as well as a brief personal comment can also be added.

Statistics for the month, quarter, half-year or the year are instantly accessible:

WELL-B Premium’s philosophy is to maintain a good balance between intensive activity, staying zen (si tu veux vraiment utiliser ce mot, sinon je mettrai conscious relaxation ou similaire) and being well-informed.

Your own content

The company can of course also include its own tailor-made content. (ou Companies can also include content tailored to their specific guidelines/policies.)

A CORPORATE page enables your company to present its own approach towards its wellbeing policy or other events or organisation-based information.

Specific WELL-B Premium content (MAG, WORKOUT) can be adapted to your company.


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